Monte Copey



The Navarro family has been dedicated to the production of coffee for generations. Our business, Monte Copey Coffee, is a family project a half century in the making – full of passion and heritage. Our cafetal is rich in history: we were the first to plant the Typica variety in the Dota Valley. Today, the fourth generation of La Familia Navarro continues this legacy.

Seven years ago, we decided to make a change from traditional production methods, and instead focus on quality and the creation of specialty grade coffee. It took much more than changing the type and quality of beans: over the last seven years, we have overhauled all farming practices; we have upgraded equipment and improved production practices; and we have analyzed which conditions and factors create superior products (altitude, climate, varietals, shade vs. sun, and soils). This scientific approach has allowed us to improve quality, year-year, always yielding a better cup for the consumer. 
Much of our very best coffee comes from a part of our farm called La Mesa (The Table). The name is misleading... La Mesa is, without a doubt, the steepest part of our property. 

We are dedicated to sustainable land-use management – it is best for the farm, it is best for the future, and it is best for the quality of the coffee. It allows the beauty of Costa Rica’s montane natural habitat coexist and thrive alongside production. It is not uncommon to see wildlife such as tapir, Paca, pezote, and chancho del monte. Tree species such as Poro and Ficus, as well as fruit trees such as bananas, give shade to the farm’s west-facing slopes. 
Four years after our migration to specialty and the installation of our micromill, our family achieved what we had always seen as an impossible dream – we competed in, and won, the Cup of Excellence competetion. Thanks to God, the effort and sacrifice of our family, and the bounty of the earth, we now know there are no impossible dreams – anything can be achieved.
Today, thanks to God, the effort and sacrifice of the family we can say that there are no impossible dreams and with lots of support and work anything can be achieved.