World Barista Championship 2014

Monte Copey & Hidenori Izaki WBC 2014

Why He Chose Costa Rican Coffee

Hide’s journey to the WBC started 2 years ago when he met Enrique Navarro, a 22-year-old farmer. He was interested in the idea of working side by side with a younger person because he knew innovation was the key to success and felt that someone from a younger generation would grasp this concept. Hide had previously worked with Monte Copey’s coffee because his boss Kentaro Maruyama had been importing coffee from them. Izaki was determined to use Monte Copey’s coffee, but he was concerned about the acidity of the espresso, due to the coffee’s plantation elevation of 1900 masl.

To achieve the perfect coffee, they came up with the idea of espresso and cappuccino – focused beans. Both coffees were specifically produced to meet Hide’s precise flavor requirements.