2014 COE Costa Rica - Winning Farm

Monte Copey CoE 2014

La Mesa - Luis Enrique Navarro Granados

Monte Copey Micromill is a family project, in which the passion and heritage of growing coffee began more than a half of century ago. Today we have become the fourth generation that continues this legacy that has been passed from generation to generation.

Its name is sarcastic, since LA MESA (The Table) is definitely the steepest part of our property. This is a coffee plantation full of mystique and history, were the first plants of the Typica variety in Dota Valley were grown.

The agricultural sustainable management allows the balance of its natural habitat, where it is common to see wild animals like raccoons and tapirs. Species such as Poro (tree) and bananas give shadow to the farm that has a perpendicular orientation to the sun in the west.

After the fourth year of processing coffee in our micro mill, the family encouraged leaving behind the fears and participating in Cup of Excellence, a program that few years ago, as simple producers, we saw as an impossible dream. But nowadays, thanks to God, the effort and sacrifice of the family we can say that there are no impossible dreams and with lots of support and work anything can be achieved.